Your leather goods ideas and creations come to life

In all the process, every step is followed with thoroughness thanks to permanent quality controls that allow an high and impeccable that you expect.


No matter if you have a simple idea or drawings, we discuss all together to start perfectly your project. A clear communication is essential, because your project is unique.

Trust us your inspirations and then we working together, with modelers who will translate your vision. If you have your own drawings, we will know how to lead and advise you to bring you our essential technical expertise. You have a total customization and authenticity for your project : from the choice of leathers and materials to the creation of your own accessories, you have "carte blanche".

After the conception, the next step is the creation.


After the creation of patterns, the process needs the realization of mock-ups and samples, essentials to make your project a reality.

Thanks to a trusted and high qualified modeler, we make by computer and by hand the first version of your creation.

Our perfect knowledge of leather goods products allows us to make your sample in different materials (particularly in "salpa" that is reconstituted leather) and in different sizes to get a tailored result that is the reflect of the process.



Once final adjustments made and the sample is approved, a production can be launch to finally share your creations and the figment of your work.

Our knowledge of products and materials allow us to select what is the best for your project thanks to trusted and efficient partners and suppliers. We can provide your a huge variety of materials and accessories that will fit your wishes and requirements.

We decide together of the best choice to produce your leather goods taking into consideration your budget, deadlines and quality requirements. That is why we propose you a range offer of production in Italy, France, Portugal, Tunisia and Asia.