Our vision

Honour to an unique expertise and to the elegance

Passion, what drives us

The leather is nothing without men that treat it and work it well to make a living and beautiful material. This is our philosophy and our vision.

Give rise to your creations and projects is what drives us every day and make this all together is our motivation.

We do believe that everyone, that he has just a simple idea or a desire, has potential and above all that he's unique. This is why we want to work with you in your projects and satisfy you in your creations.


Our history

A brother bond inside the company

First of all, a family story

Mie Borse is the result of a familial project, that binds two brothers, with the passion about fashion. This familial link is at the base of our success : with an honest and clear communication about our visions, we're going in the same way with transparency, one of the value of our company. With 15 years of experience in the leather and fashion industry, between French and Italian luxury brands, it's the belief that everyone can undertake his projects that made us create this company.

This is where we are different : we're working on each project with trusted partners, specialized in their area and we're going in the same way of our clients to create high-quality and elegant products, that highlight an expertise, materials and a real authenticity.

We are in the heart of France, in Paris. Please feel free to contact us to discuss of your projects.