What's in the leather goods ?

The leather goods is the art of working the leather to make items. In the leather goods, we can fin handbags, bags, wallets, luggages, belts etc...

At Mie Borse, we take advantage of our unique expertise in the creation and production of leather goods. We are able to work with all materials, from high-quality leathers, prestigious animal skins as python and alligator to different fabrics. We have also plenty of accessories and you can also develop your own metallic accessories.

The process, from creation to production

Making leather goods products, between expertise and preciseness

From conception, by creation an to production, the process of making leather goods products requires patience, entitlement and preciseness. It's the result of a succession of operations that require different skills.


At Mie Borse, with all our experience and passion, we support you during all the process with important goals : the excellence and your satisfaction.

Different steps

The bag is, for sure, the leather good product the most weared, bringing elegance and style. Its fabrication is not that simple and requires many important steps. Here, you'll find the different step to make an item in leather, lined with fabric.

◊ The drawing of the model by a stylist is made and chosen.
◊ The pattern, made by a modeler, by hand or with a computer, will create a flat model serving to cut the materials.
◊ The manufacturer receives the materials to make the bag. Leathers and skins are chosen rigorously.
◊ The cut will eliminate leather defaults by cutting pieces, to maximize the all skin and reduce loss. 
Dye the leather will allow to hide the leather side, which will receive on each side a dye, preselected to have a color the closest to the leather.
Slitting the leather is essential : the leather will get the right thickness for assembling the item.
◊ The trimming will make the leather extremities thinner with a perfect regularity to facilities the assembly.
◊ The assembly, made by hand with precision and thoroughness, is made. Another cut will be made thereafter to have sharp edges.
Sewing by hand will bring the strength.
Stitching  is the next step : all the parts will be stitched with sewing machine to have an excellent regularity.
Accessories will be added to make the bag larger.
◊ The finishing, last step in the process, will make the bag an entire item.